Halo 3 
Monday, September 24, 2007, 08:48 PM
Halo 3, possibly the most anticipated video game EVER, will hit stores several hours from now. My own obsession extends to the level that I've considered staying up an extra couple hours until midnight when the nearby Best Buy starts selling the game, conveniently stumbling distance from my couch. There are, however, a couple fights I would like to pick with their sales team.

To be specific, first of all, is it really necessary to release a game at midnight in a manner that is likely to decrease the enrollment of many a Wednesday high school class? But thoughts that concern other people aside, do they know this is premier week? Not that I'm such a huge nerd that I actually care what's on television or would write about it in a blog or anything, but did they really have to wait this long? Think about it, the TV is used by both xbox and regular network programming. Why would you possibly create a conflict? Why not release Halo 3 during the dead period of summer when there was absolutely nothing to watch on TV, when reality programming clogged the airways with its filth. Seriously, why create scheduling conflicts when they're absolutely no reason to do so?

Then again, why create a bug-clogged operating system when you're a multi-million dollar software corporation who can most certainly do better.
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