Haystack Approach 
Monday, October 30, 2006, 10:58 AM
Someone gives you tasking to locate obscure information that likely isn't very important, or will be more easily obtained at a later date. You delay be shoveling vast quantities of hay in their direction, implying that the needle they are looking for is "easily" located in the information you have "painstakingly" gathered for them. This is especially effective on people who do not understand the sheer volume of semi-relevant information that can obtained via a simple google search. Proper routing and packaging of information is essential in the Haystack Approach -- make sure to package the "hay" in a professional manner, and if possible route the information through one or more persons before it reaches the original tasker. Since the intermediaries were not all tasked with this information they do have a stake in it and will likely just push the information up, both giving you a time buffer ("oh yeah, i'm on that, it's being routed to you") and adding legitimacy to your hay.
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