Coast Guard Assists in Capture of Mexican Drug Lord 
Wednesday, August 16, 2006, 05:51 PM
The Coast Guard has assisted in the capture of the leader of one of Mexico's largest drug cartels. From what I understand, the DEA somehow received a tip that Francisco Javier Arellano Felix was going to be fishing off the coast of the Mexican resort town of La Paz. The Coast Guard moved in and interdicted his vessel 15 miles off the Coast, placing him three miles within international waters. My only regret is that he wasn't captured by the Coast Guard further away from the United States. Detainees generally sleep together with no privacy in the relative discomfort of the helo hanger on the hard steel deck with a steady diet of beans and rice.

EDIT: Let me just clarify that I'm not a fan to prisoner mistreatment. In fact, I believe that our detainees are actually given matresses, and we only give them beans and rice because if we give them regular ship food it makes them vomit. I just like the idea of a man who has lived in relative comfort, and who has had U. S. Law Enforcement Agents tortured to death, experiencing a little discomfort.
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