Army Video Games 
Monday, January 5, 2009, 09:59 PM
The NYT has an article up a new video game experience the army is using to attract new recruits. That isn't what caught my eye, however:
Civil liberties groups have criticized the Pentagon for its efforts to reach high school students.

This just drives me up the wall. The Army isn't trying to recruit high school students -- it's trying to convince high schoolers to join once they've graduated from high school. People don't graduate from high school, wake up the next morning and say "now what am I going to do with my life?" They PLAN. If you want someone to join after graduation, common sense dictates that you talk to them while they're still in high school.

Once you're 18, you can have unspeakable acts permanently recorded on camera, distributed to sleazebags throughout the country, and be left with only a pittance to show for it. Joining the Army may not be all that bad in comparison.

In fact, for the urban youth who are the subject of the NYT article, the Army may represent the only viable path towards something that resembles normal middle class life. Without the Army they may never escape their communities and the cycle of destruction that drags so many down. The Army represents good training, a stable income, good benefits, a solid retirement, and provides good discipline. These individuals can then return to their community as an example to encourage others that it is in fact possible to rise above a seemingly hopeless situation.

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