Comcast Filters Internet Traffic 
Friday, October 19, 2007, 11:00 AM
The cable and Internet giant, who is fond of claiming that it's services are faster than DSL, has recently been exposed for filtering internet traffic that uses the popular file sharing protocol, bittorrent. Time and NYT both carry the AP story, who performed some technical research and confirmed the issue, which has been reported for some time over at

What makes this case especially is galling is firstly that Comast does not disclose this to subscribers and won't even confirm that they engage in the practice when queried about it by the AP. Secondly, this filtering is accomplished using extremely deceptive practices, where the Comcast server masquerades as your computer and tell the computer you're connected to that you are no longer interested in sharing data. As the AP explains:
Each PC gets a message invisible to the user that looks like it comes from the other computer, telling it to stop communicating. But neither message originated from the other computer ó it comes from Comcast. If it were a telephone conversation, it would be like the operator breaking into the conversation, telling each talker in the voice of the other: "Sorry, I have to hang up. Good bye."

The DSLR website also has ways to partially circumvent the filtering so that you can have the freedom to do what you want with the Internet connection you're paying so much money for.

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