News Anchor 
Tuesday, September 4, 2007, 05:33 PM
The Old Grey Lady, the NYT, has a nice piece about Katie Couric's trip to Iraq. Most interesting to me, as a former journalist, are the observations regarding the transformation the CBS Evening News has undergone since she first took over.
The evening newscast has already been stripped of most of the snazzy changes CBS made for Ms. Couric: her guest-commentator “Free Speech” segment was dropped, and so were many of the longer, soft feature interviews that she excelled at as a host of the “Today” program on NBC.

What CBS is beginning to understand is that the evening news anchor should personify the serious, experienced journalist who delivers the cold, hard facts in a manner tempered only by the years so clearly written in the lines on his leathered face. "Soft" segments may be nice for those who have the time to spend a leisurely weekday morning watching the news, but the businessman who comes home exhausted has little interest in such work. He wants to see an ideal version of himself, telling him what's happening in the world, not on Second Street in some podunk town.

And finally, just as when you say "nurse" everyone assumes you're talking about a woman, when you say "evening news anchor" everyone expects to see a man staring back at them.

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