Thursday, November 2, 2006, 08:30 AM
I had duty yesterday, which means I have to make a complete round of the ship several times during the day, visiting sections that I don't normally find myself in while inport. Each area of the ship has its own special smell, from the vague musty odor of the gym, the suffocating chemical smell of the paint locker, the smell in the galley of whatever was cooking a few hours ago, to the ever familiar smell of fuel and oil in the engine room. It's that last smell that brought back the strongest memories of being underway as I inspected DOPR, and the feelings of dread, confinement, boredom, and stress came rushing at me for a brief moment. I quickly closed the watertight door behind me and moved on the next space. Less than a month left inport, and I plan to treasure each one of these days.

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