Friday, September 29, 2006, 09:48 AM
You know those dates you go on where everything is pleasant, there are no awkward silences, and yet you quickly realize that there's not going to be a second date? It's the sort of "I'm bored, she's bored, why are we still here?" I just wasted my evening on one of those last night.

From some reason I can never bring myself to simply eat quickly and say, "let's get out of here." Maybe I think that by dragging out the boredom we'll somehow hit upon a conversational spark that will resuscitate the date. So I did my best to keep the conversation going, to draw information out of her and encourage her to talk, to find something interesting or funny to say. Unforunatley, I was too tired and I have difficulty with humor when I'm tired. At the end of the meal I dutifully paid, ignoring her annoyingly feeble reach for her wallet. I don't mind the fact that women expect men to approach them and talk to them, or that we're always the ones who make the phone call. However, in a day and age where men and women largely earn the same amount of money, I expect more than a simple half-hearted attempt to pay -- especially from someone who is 3/8 Asian. That's not to say that I would ever let a woman pay for a first date, but the lack gives the impression that this is someone who expects her man to pay for everything.

Afterwards, I dragged things out by suggesting we go to a bar, at which point she seemed to stop trying to hide that she was bored. The worst part was that since I traded my brother my truck for a 10-speed bike I could offer her a ride home -- I had to say, "well, this is my bus stop. Nice seeing you." Very classy.

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