Hotel Versus Barracks 
Tuesday, July 11, 2006, 12:08 PM
Much to my disappointment, the combined bachelor housing in San Diego may be out of rooms. If this terrible event occurs, I may be forced to stay in a hotel room on the government's dime. Life's tough.

In other news, I just got word that I'm being made Assistant Engineering Officer (AEO). It's a nice sounding position -- being the #2 guy in a 50 man department -- but it's not a job I was looking for. I enjoyed managing my eight man shop, especially getting to know the electricians. This is all the result of a very slick plot woven by George Hall.

It all started when I was in the Wardroom sipping coffee like a good officer, enjoying the fruits of the $1500 espresso machine I convinced the ship to purchase. George commented on how I was using the AEO cup. All of our cups have our job title on them, so I looked down to check, and sure enough my cup said "ELEC" for "Electrical Officer." I told George that I wasn't using the AEO cup. He responded that I should, because I was already AEO. "George, I'm not AEO," I responded.

Later that day I went down to stand watch in the engine room where my Chief, Alan Gieb, was breaking in under me. "Sir, are you still going to be our division officer now that you're AEO?"
"Chief, I'm not AEO," I responded.
"Of course you're AEO," Senior Chief Engle interjected. "Everyone knows you're AEO."

Fast forward a couple weeks to the present day where I'm here on land, unable to defend myself to my new boss. I get this email from George:
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA....the new command assignment list is coming out soon...guess who the AEO is.

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