24 Hours Until RTHP 
Thursday, March 30, 2006, 02:27 PM
I'm going to apologize for the dry spell my blog just underwent, and warn you that you're likely to see another one as we transition into stand down. Stand down, a post or pre patrol break where we are not required to come into work, is scheduled to last a week. We just pulled out of San Diego, which is always an awesome city to visit. I spent Tuesday night, our last night there, out drinking with a couple of officers including our new EO (my new boss). We came back to the ship after the bar did its mandatory 2 a.m. closing, and smoked a cigar on the fantail. He seems like he'll be a nice guy to work for, which bodes well for my second year on this boat. Unlike the current EO, he has very little experience on 378s, which means I'll be loosing a valuable reference source. It also means that he'll be more relient on us second year EOITs for our appraisals of machinery status.

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